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So You Want to Talk About Ghost in the Shell: The Whitewashed Edition?

Published originally on the Huffington Post Whitewashing is a problem that has been spotlighted repeatedly since the 20th century, and the awareness of it has increased especially in the past year with the growing prevalence of whitewashing in Hollywood. Despite... Continue Reading →

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Let Dreamers Dream

Do adults realize the power they have in terms of influencing an adolescent's life? Like how their words can actually make or break a kid's potential? Their entire future?   I’m watching the Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why right... Continue Reading →

[Review] All the Lives I Want: Essays About My Best Friends Who Happen To Be Famous Strangers

All the Lives I Want: Essays About My Best Friends Who Happen To Be Famous Strangers is a collection of essays written by Alana Massey.  An alternate title I would give this book: Deconstructing the Male Gaze by Analyzing Female Icons... Continue Reading →

Defining the Cultures of the “Third Culture Kid”

Hello, friends. So as I made clear in a previous post, my answer to the question "Where are you from?" is not simple. I identify as Japanese, Taiwanese, and American, and find that my concept of home is merely that – a concept.... Continue Reading →

I Implore You: Please Have Empathy

Sometimes I think back to the time at the end of January, when I had just found out that permanent residents and green card holders in the US could legally be deported along with “illegal immigrants”. I was upset, and in... Continue Reading →

Shopping for Clothes can be Stressful

...If You Don't Believe in Gender Norms On occasion I think about the time I was shopping in an Adidas store at an outlet. Or maybe it had been a Nike store. Anyways, fed up with the designs available for tops... Continue Reading →

Where are you from?

Well, Reen, you never did tell us where you're from. Way to fall back on implicit promises. I know, I know, sorry. I got distracted by daily life. Before I give you the answer I know you've been waiting for eagerly... Continue Reading →

I Re-realized Why We Need Feminism

Today, I attended a lecture on 'Puberty and its Effects on Eating Disorders' This deviates quite a lot from my last post, but I've realized I need to stop posting my blog-style journal posts on my Facebook page and start... Continue Reading →

Hi, how are you?: An Introduction

You can call me Reen. I currently live in a cold place on the East Coast of the United States called Ithaca, where I'm a first semester senior at Cornell University (despite it being the spring semester, I know, I... Continue Reading →

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