You can call me Reen.

I currently live in a cold place on the East Coast of the United States called Ithaca, where I’m a first semester senior at Cornell University (despite it being the spring semester, I know, I know).

I study English literature and Inequality Studies. Which basically means I read a lot, write a lot, and get to be more educated on inequality issues revolving around race, gender, sexuality, etc. through literature and other means.


I’ve always wanted to start a blog but was never motivated or inspired enough. But here it is.

This is it.


I think a lot about a lot of things, and most recently, I think a lot about myself. Now, that may sound way too narcissistic, but hear me out first. I’m a Third Culture Kid. What that basically  means is that I identify with more than one cultural group. In my case I identify with 3 main ones, and maybe around 6 overall.

So, why does that matter? One, that makes me an anomaly. People tend to not understand what it’s like to really have to think about the questions “where are you from?” or “where’s home?” What it’s like to have had people, from strangers to family and friends, ask you from as soon as you could learn to speak, what you were. But the thing is, sometimes, we TCK’s aren’t really sure ourselves.

I’m so blessed to have met the term “TCK” because it has made me feel like a part of a larger group. I’m not just a misfit anymore – there are others like me! (Even if all of our experiences are diverse and incredibly different from one another’s.)

Have I gotten you curious enough to read on?

Hope to see you again at my next post.