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March 2017

Shopping for Clothes can be Stressful

...If You Don't Believe in Gender Norms On occasion I think about the time I was shopping in an Adidas store at an outlet. Or maybe it had been a┬áNike store. Anyways, fed up with the designs available for tops... Continue Reading →


Where are you from?

Well, Reen, you never┬ádid tell us where you're from. Way to fall back on implicit promises. I know, I know, sorry. I got distracted by daily life. Before I give you the answer I know you've been waiting for eagerly... Continue Reading →

I Re-realized Why We Need Feminism

Today, I attended a lecture on 'Puberty and its Effects on Eating Disorders' This deviates quite a lot from my last post, but I've realized I need to stop posting my blog-style journal posts on my Facebook page and start... Continue Reading →

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